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Exercise Vs. Movement: Why Words Matter

What does the word exercise conjure up in your body and emotions?  What feeling are expressed in your body when you think about exercising? What does the word movement bring to your mind and body?  What feelings arise when you think about moving?

Our relationship and associations with the words and action will impact our success!  Energy doesn’t lie…

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Welcome to March Healthy Habits—The Movement month!  

As a child, I was what they call, sickly.  My body didn’t seem to work as a whole and the random parts did their thing relatively disconnected to the other parts.  Therefore I found my happy place in books and my big imagination. I ignored my body as best as I could and tried to make a life without it entering TOO much into the equation.  Needless to say, this didn’t go very well. The older I got, the more my body complained about its neglect and needs… At nearly 48, I am SO much happier and healthier and energetic than I was in my teens, twenties or even my thirties….

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