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Hope and Help,

Light and Love



Nearly half a century ago a little 5 pound baby entered the world with a sneeze. Yup, that's me, Dawn. Decades of dis-ease along with challenges physically and emotionally led me to seek answers and find solutions. To find some way to thrive. This crystallized my heart's desire to find hope and help. Instead of fear, pain and shame, to be filled with light and love—and share it freely.


It's amazing how NEED motivates you.  You try things.  You ask questions.  You get curious and find answers.  You don't give up.  In the process, you become empowered.

My life and journey thus far has been full of adventures, highs and lows, triumphs and tears.  It's taught me there is ALWAYS a reason for hope, AND that the “truism”  It's all downhill from here... is a LIE.  

My heart's song?  Experiencing wonder and delight. Mining moments for miracles and gratitudes.  Offering comfort, ease, help and hope to others along the way. This is how I love to live.  


A Bit about Me and Mine

I do life with my best friend and high school sweetheart, concept artist Mark Behm, our resilient and intensely thoughtful son Chase, and our delightfully expressive 'tween Sophie. Ginger the Feisty Mutt rounds out our creative, messy, and wholehearted family. Having wandered the United States, we found our "home" in the foothills of Western Washington. My days are filled with essential oils, yoga, personal growth and development, travel, music, writing, coaching, dreaming, home-making, diving deeper, and doing life together with my family and with those who desire to walk with me on the JOURNEY.


Here on my website, you’ll find blog posts from My Journey; my lessons, my hurts, my a-ha moments. I’ll share resources with you that have helped me along my path: tools, practices, insights and opportunities to bring more ease, more joy, more of all that we craved when we started our journeys.  I've found that the DoTERRA company, culture, and community has been a perfect companion on this journey.  So many friends have joined me along the way.

Would you like to connect about your journey?  Or mine?