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August Promotions

For LRP members, the Product of the Month is On Guard--just in time to prepare our immune systems for Back to School season.  The HD Clear Kit is 10% off--again, great to get our kids, especially teens, ready for the Fall.  

This whole Litsea and Manuka Touch promo is AMAZING!!!! I have never seen these oils offered in the USA--let alone able to be received for FREE.  Wholesale customers AND new members can take advantage of this beautiful special.  I'll be sharing more about these oils soon, but get them while you can!  

Building Your Business

You have a passion for natural wellness and emotional health.  You thrive on helping others. Are you wondering how can that become a flourishing business?  

The beauty of partnering with Heart Nature and doTERRA is that you are never alone. We believe we are stronger together. We always look for the win-win. The more we share, collaborate and encourage one another, the more successful we can be! If you have the heart to change the world in your own unique way and crave a tribe with which to do so, welcome home!

 Resources, training, inspiration and celebration await. Let's grow together and build businesses that change lives--starting with our own.

 The power of touch, connection and oils...for all ages.

The power of touch, connection and oils...for all ages.


Upcoming Events


 Tune Up Our Immune System Weeklong Challenge August 6-14

doTERRA's Global Convention Salt Lake City, UT: September 19-22


From My Heart To Yours

Joy in the Journey June 2018

Forrest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates.”  I say it’s more like a Journey.  Journeys can be tough, painful, disappointing, and exhausting, even scary at times. But then, (imagine you are traversing up a mountain), you get these vistas that just take your breath away. 

Independence, Finding Freedom July 2018

You know, NEEDING the approval of others can be a virtual prison of our own making.  We cannot control what others think, feel or express.  Trying to control it left me feeling drained, disempowered and frustrated.  Have you ever spent time imprisoned there too?

A Mere Touch
April 2018

Whether with your children or your parents, these oils can support growth...