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Monthly Specials

For LRP members, the Product of the Month Clementine! This is an oil that cannot be purchased but is available through the Loyalty Program. Uplifting, citrus smell sure to brighten up any room or mood!

doTERRA® Roman Chamomile is 20% off this month! I'm so excited about this! 20% off!! Roman Chamomile is renowned not only in the essential oil space but is used in many personal care and health products globally for it’s calming and relaxing nature. We want to get this incredible oil into every home.

It’s a 200pv Promotional Month! Yes! This means that any person who orders - new members, current members, standard orders, LRP - 200pv or higher on a single order gets to take advantage of the Sweet Relief Promotions! An exclusive gift of Yellow Mandarin 5 ml along with Copaiba 15 ml and Copaiba softgels FREE!!

The Holiday Brochure will be making it’s grand entry this month! This means we can all start planning for November first release of holiday items. The feedback from these items showcased at convention was very positive. Very exciting!

And last, but definitely not least, Convention Products and the Together Tour Kit are released for purchase! All products launched at convention will be available for individual sale (with the exception of Yarrow|POM line). Included with the products release are Rose and the new beautiful Volo diffuser. None of these products will be available to redeem for points until 2020. The Together Tour kit will have a great savings and be available for everyone to purchase.


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