I Am…

Why do we try to change—try to exercise and wind up quitting? Here’s what went on for me for many years. Maybe you too?

I set myself up to lose. I believed that success is defined only by doing something FULL OUT and doing it perfectly.  

Anything less is failure.  Many times we define our worth based on how successful we are. This causes us to avoid failure at all costs.  Could I START a new exercise plan, learn something new PERFECTLY? Nope. So then, we avoid it or beat ourselves up at every misstep or mistake along the way.

We blame and shame and judge ourselves and are worse off than when we started!


Through my years of experiencing this cycle again and again, I tried lots of different things until I finally had a eureka moment!  There really IS a different way of approaching this that is fun, effective and soooo much more useful.  

I learned that HEALTHY Habit formation starts from a whole different belief system.  


The belief that you are of worth and good already.

That life is about learning and about growing, a process--not a destination.

I invite you to consider how you would finish this sentence: I am…..

I am weak, lazy, inconsistent, bad at xyz, hopeless…..


I am learning, taking it one step at a time, growing, becoming, exploring, hopeful…

Opting into this new belief system, habit formation can begin to look something like this:  

  1. Assess, get curious, choose and make it do-able and track it.  

  2. Celebrate your success and build on it or acknowledge roadblocks and learn from them.  Or both!

  3. Rinse and repeat.