Exercise Vs. Movement: Why Words Matter

Consider the following:

What does the word EXERCISE conjure up in your body and emotions?  

What FEELINGS are expressed in your body when you think about exercising?

What does the word MOVEMENT bring to your mind and body?  

What FEELINGS arise when you think about moving?

Our relationship and associations with the words and action will impact our success!  

Energy doesn’t lie.

To move our body or exercise requires energy. When you make decisions about HOW to exercise or move your body for wellness, consider what energizes and excites you, sparks joy, to borrow from Marie Kondo.  

“If the idea of exercise invigorates you and your insides well up with “Bring it!”  then go for it!”

If the idea of exercise feels like a heavy burden, or a drudgery, or chore, it will be like pushing a boulder uphill.  Something to be avoided or dreaded.

How can we change our relationship with exercise or movement so that it brings fire, passion, enthusiasm, zest, sparkle and exuberance to our day?  

Thank goodness we can develop newer, healthier relationships with ourselves, with the our bodies, with the very IDEA of exercise and movement.!