Simple Steps to Start Your Movement Habits

Want to create a movement habit but do not know how to start one?

Here’s some ideas!

First, ask yourself these questions and decide which ones sound most like you: 

  • I am mostly sedentary.  I sit, I work, I drive, I read or watch TV.

  • I am constantly running from here to there with kids and errands, but my moments are mostly just getting from here to there or carrying things (like kids!)

  • I LOVE to get out and move!  I run, walk, ride my bike, swim, do yoga or some other activity at least 3 times a week.

  • I theoretically like being active, but I don’t always find the time.  I might move actively once a week or so.

  • The idea of exercise sounds exhausting.

  • The idea of movement sounds like it might be a bit fun.

  • I’d like to change things, but don’t know where to start.

Then get curious! What will work for YOU?

  • Do you like structure and routine or variety and flow?

  • Do you have the most energy in the morning, midday or evening?

  • Do you prefer moving indoors or outdoors?

  • Do you have long chunks of time available or can you set aside 5 minutes here and there?

  • Do group activities motivate you or discourage you?

  • Do you have an accountability partner you can move with? Or report to daily?

Tune into your body.

  • Is it depleted and asking for restoration?

  • Is it tight and achey and desiring gentle stretching, warming and opening?

  • Is it weak from lack of use and deserving strength-building?

  • Is it strong but runs out of steam quickly, asking for stamina to be built?

There are many options to choose from when it comes to movement!

My favorite? YOGA!


One of the greatest lessons yoga has taught me is to ask the question, “What CAN my body do right now?”

It’s not about doing it RIGHT or PERFECTLY.  It’s about exploring your edge and finding ways to move that feel good, stretch or strengthen and continuing to develop your range of motion.

What is important is that you find YOUR favorite form of movement - and commit to it!

Take your pick - just choose something that feels right to you and pushes your edge JUST a tiny bit.  Choosing to do something that takes you out of your normal comfort zone will create successful change.

If we simply do what’s easy and we’ve always done, we will create the same results we always had.

Dawn BehmComment