Welcome to March Healthy Habits—The Movement month!  


As a child, I was what they call, sickly.  My body didn’t seem to work as a whole and the random parts did their thing relatively disconnected to the other parts.  Therefore I found my happy place in books and my big imagination. I ignored my body as best as I could and tried to make a life without it entering TOO much into the equation.  

Needless to say, this didn’t go very well. The older I got, the more my body complained about its neglect and needs.  

However, I had the HABIT of being sedentary, the EMOTION of being awkward and the BELIEF that I had a fragile body that had somehow betrayed me.  

By my mid-twenties I was quite ill and had all the energy of an 80 year old (and not the yoga or dancing 80 year olds!)  I stubborned my way through work and slept most of the rest of the time, barely having energy for cooking dinner, let alone much else.  I wondered, “Is this all there is? Can such an unhealthy, unhappy, unenergetic body ever change?”

My story has a lot of chapters—learning lessons, trying new things, slowly, bit by bit.  Nutritional changes, yoga, mindset shifts and essential oils were some of the best “friends” to help me and my body actually develop a healthy, happy working relationship.

At nearly 48, I am SO much happier and healthier and energetic than I was in my teens, twenties or even my thirties.

More importantly still, I now listen to my body, pay attention to what it needs and have so much gratitude for just how resilient and powerful it is.  

If you can relate at all to my story, I invite you to begin to explore a new way to relate to your body and to movement. Let’s not even call it exercise.  Do we need to make exercise be something we layer on top of our already busy life? Is there a way to integrate it? A way to make it part of the joy of being a human with a body?  

This month, let’s play with that idea and explore how we can use oils, music, movement and intention to create a whole new level of ENERGY in our lives. 

This week, check your inbox for an Ebook to accompany you through our Healthy Habits March Movement exploration. Use it to  journal and ponder and celebrate YOUR discoveries about your body and about movement. Take notes that inspire and encourage you.  Jot down insights from articles that motivate you or give you ideas. Record recipes and oil suggestions to support your month of Movement.  

Ready?  Let’s journey onward!

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