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Cravings--we all have them

When I was a kid, Halloween was all about the candy haul.  And creating a cool costume. But mostly about the candy. We’d get home with this big bag of it and get started.  Literally, I ate ALL my candy within 48 hours. My tongue and mouth hurt from the sugar. I felt yucky from the buzz.  But I couldn’t stop. Just one more. Just one more. .. Why do we keep going when something already isn’t making us feel well?  Why do we CRAVE what we know isn’t doing us any good? How can we change it?…

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Hope springs eternal.

Several years ago, amidst one of the most difficult times of my life--one of my best friends shamed me, hung up on me and for 2 years did not call back.  I was devastated. During a time when I needed a caring friend the most, she could not understand, judged and turned her back on me. That day, my soul experienced a rip in its fabric.  My belief in the foundational goodness of humanity was shaken… After two years of silence, I recently received a card in the mail from that friend…

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