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Breathe to tune in.

So often, we drift, cruise or speed through life unconsciously… While the right here and now experience is on cruise control. This month, as we focus our habit making attention on breathing, we are going to continually harken back to awareness. To noticing things in our environment, in our body, in our emotions and in our mind…

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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes--What’s your relationship with Change?

What comes up when you hear the word, change?  Do you believe “the more things change the more they stay the same?”  Do you dread change? Fear it? Fight it? Want it? Try to make it happen only to experience more of the same in your life? Let’s face it, as inevitable as change is, it can come with a lot of baggage.  This month as we dive into the theme of BREATHING and AWARENESS, let’s consider how we roll with change…

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