Breathe to tune in.

So often, we drift, cruise or speed through life unconsciously.  

We move from scheduled activity,

to chore,

to event,

to eat,


and drive while our mind is somewhere else--

Maybe the past, reliving that argument we had last week or how someone offended us.  

Maybe the future--what’s the next thing on my to-do list?

While the right here and now experience is on cruise control.

be here now blend hn.PNG

This month, as we focus our habit making attention on breathing, we are going to continually harken back to awareness.  

To noticing things in our environment, in our body, in our emotions and in our mind.

When we create this pause, we begin to take back the wheel of our lives--and then we can course correct to get where we REALLY want to go.  

Let’s try it now.  

Take a moment right now--close your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nose.  Now breathe out through your mouth in a long sigh. If you have a favorite essential oil nearby, apply it to your hand, rub them together, cup them around your nose and breathe again.

Notice how time stands still when you stop to really consciously take a breath.

This gift is available to you all the time.

This month, let's practice the habit of accessing this gift.

breath a gift.PNG