From Hot Mess to Thriving Creator with Healthy Habits

When my son was a baby, I was a hot mess.  Disorganized, overwhelmed, unwell, exhausted and clueless.  I knew how I wanted my life to look and feel, but had NO idea how to create it.  I wasn’t thriving. Some days I felt like I was barely surviving. Can you relate?

Fast forward 18 years.  I hardly recognize that new mama from the past (though she shows up on occasion still!)  Mostly though, I am living a completely different life. I feel more organized, less overwhelmed, more vibrant and vital, and feel like I have a clue.  I’ve learned a few things! I KEEP learning too, from trial and error and from those whom I admire who are currently LIVING out what I desire to be and do and create in my own life.

YAY!!!! Isn’t that so exciting?  There’s hope. Looking back through the years I see some starlit moments that brought clarity and new insights.  New ways of being. Of becoming. Ahhhh. I love that expansive sense of peaceful knowing that things CAN be different.  I can change it in my own life. My message today, if you relate to the hot mess, is there is HOPE. Want to know the best part? It’s not from outside you, it’s all there within you waiting to be unlocked and empowered.  Pretty soon, you’ll be off and running!

My goal in 2019 is to share with our Heart Nature Tribe the lessons I’ve learned that gently shift me more and more towards the life I’ve always wanted.  The a-ha moments where everything just changed, where the load lightened significantly. Where the dark heaviness lifted and I could see the sunshine and rainbows that were there all along.  

I’ve pondered how to share this and have decided that creating a monthly theme for our community to participate in together and ACTIVELY live those lessons will be the most fun, most joyful, most successful way of practicing together the universal principles in simple, daily habits that change everything.  

It won’t be intense (mostly.)  It won’t be overwhelming. It will be simple, deceptively small things that slowly become a part of our DNA--who we are, what we do, how we show up.  At the end of the year, you may just discover that you’ve become a new version of you--and your life is taking on new exciting dimensions.

If you aren’t yet part of the Heart Nature Life tribe, reach out to me and I’ll hook you up.

I’m excited because as I share this gift with you, I’ll be participating too. Because one of the lessons I’ve learned is that we never “arrive.”  We are always unfolding, becoming, blossoming into a more and more beautiful version of ourselves--to infinity and beyond.

Join me in the New Year. Let’s tap into our Heart Nature and discover what Healthy Habits are really all about.