I love Sundays.

In the morning I look ahead to what we want to create in the week, appointments, dreams, schemes and appointments. Then later in the day, we go eat dinner as a family and play board games or cards.

I love that both my kids still look forward to that time.

I am grateful for all the myriad of lessons being a mom is teaching me even still.

Letting go, and staying connected.

Having a plan and being flexible.

Chase has been adamant about moving to Austin and doing a Dog Training school after high school and just today he announced that he's interested in looking into other options like programming and staying local and attending college. Sometimes that boy gives me whiplash. Honestly though, whatever he chooses is worthwhile--good life lessons to learn and grow from.

I think my greatest desire is that he make his choices from the heart and not based in fear.

I am grateful that he's open to discussing with us and exploring this next step together, and so very grateful for all the years of being flexible and nimble, moving and re-adjusting our plans to fit the situations as they arose. I know that we'll all figure it out together. I am also grateful for the resources coming in through the work that Mark and I do, so that

we have the ability to say YES

to what Chase is ready to move into after high school.  

Last year when I would see people post about their children's plans for after high school and folks would share where their child was going to attend college, it was hard to read. I was happy for them, and heartbroken for the hell Chase was going through.

My heart is full of gratitude that his story has a new chapter.

If you are a mom whose heart is hurting for your child, take hope.


Take yourself back to the beautiful child they were in their early years and the wonder you felt in their every attempt.

Trust the process and believe in them even when they can't believe in themselves.

Dawn BehmComment