Today I am grateful for….

  1. Flower trees,

  2. a dog walk in the warm spring morning with my daughter,

  3. a clean kitchen and fridge cleared of too old leftovers.

  4. Watching a show with my daughter,

  5. starting the mountain of laundry

  6. preparing for special Heart Nature events next week.

  7. Finding a rental home for our vacation in Hawaii

  8. planning the last big family vacation before Chase graduates.

  9. Seeing him smile and grow.

  10. Snuggling with my happy pup and taste-testing essential oil infused cocktails.

  11. Dreaming up fundraisers for charities and sharing wellness tips with new doterra members.

  12. Being home.

  13. Dinner with my family and help doing dishes.

  14. Our new sofa and peace in my heart.

    For all this and more, I am grateful.

Dawn BehmComment