Took it easy today as I orient to a new time and place. Dominique is taking such amazing care of me, it’s so nice to be cared for! 

Dom and I have nearly the same car—but her wheel is on the wrong side! 😉 

I saw her lovely boutique baby shop—soon to have a lovely meeting room for moms to experience essential oil support and education.


We had a delicious lunch at an organic food shop. 
Robyn Symes gifted me with an incredible Kahuna massage (from Hawaii I think!) 

It was amazing and totally unlike any massage I’d had before. 

Feeling refreshed we rushed home for an international team call that was inspiring. So many gifted, passionate woman stepping into their strengths to offer their gifts to the world. 

I didn’t see lots of sights, but my body is refreshed, my soul inspired and I have a song in my heart. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 1.15.10 PM.png

This song sums up my heart tonight.

(Thanks once again, Jason Mraz.

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