Last day in South Africa! What a whirlwind of activity--yoga, oils, teaching, learning.

Meeting so many wonderful, powerful, thriving women eager to change their families' lives and their world.

What a gift to be able to come.

As I reflect back when my friend Rosie invited me to learn about these new natural essential oils she had discovered...I had no idea what I incredible changes were in store for my family. As a homeschool mom with children getting older, I was beginning to consider what I'd want to do when they were grown.

I'm so glad that I tip-toed my way into partnering with DoTERRA.

Each step of the way, I've grown.

The business has grown keeping pace with my family and my own growth. And here I am. In South Africa with new friends and partners who will touch thousands and thousands of lives.

As Rich Mullins says in his song, "The other side of the world is not so far I thought that it was. As I once thought it was so far away..."

So much to be grateful for.

As my son prepares to graduate and start his next chapter, my daughter is fully diving into the middle of middle school and I am finding that my own journey and grand adventure has many more chapters to be written.  

dawn 16.jpg

Does this spark joy for you?

Reach out to me and let's connect about your next chapters.

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