The Start of a New Season

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I LOVE the start of a new season! 

Fresh starts feel so good, don’t they?

Full of possibility, clean slate, letting go of the past, resetting priorities.  I’m always so grateful for that opportunity. I used to only experience this twice a year--Back to School time and January 1st.  More recently, I’ve been using the regularly occurring New Moon as an anchor point to do a mini-reset personally and I LOVE that it comes once a month.  

Here is a recording of my most recent guided meditation and blend that I shared on Friday for the New Moon at our local yoga studio.  I hope you enjoy it as much as our group did! August 30th New Moon Meditation and blend


As we head into a new season, let’s look at a few herbal oils--and a Chinese medicine technique that recently helped me get a fresh start!  

Rosemary is the POM--Product of the Month. You get it for free with any LRP order over 125pv until the 15th.  It is really an unsung hero. I often forget about it. Which is funny, because studies show that smelling it improves memory!  As kids head back to school and schedules get busier, consider adding Rosemary to your diffuser along with a citrus to bring clarity.  Speaking of clarity--these kid’s blends are pretty amazing. I’ve taken to using the Thinker blend when I sit down to, well, think. And guess what?  It has Rosemary in it!!!

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Thyme is 10% you sense a theme?  These herbs have beautiful gifts for us in the kitchen, in our bodies and in our brains.  Thyme is a gentle yet powerful sister to Oregano--which kicks butt when our bodies need immune support.  My naturopath, long before oils, would have us boil thyme leaves and sit in a tent to help open my daughter’s respiratory system.  Plus, it’s great in Minestrone soup. (Just a teensy toothpick worth!) Learn more here:

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