Staying well by listening well

A few weeks ago I created a little video sharing my lifelong pattern with getting sick….and then two weeks later, I lived it out!  

Patterns of Wellness---or Sickness

I had a life-coaching session with my coach and she pointed out to me my need to clear my calendar for a few days and

fill my tank back up. 

The signs my body and my anxious mind were clearly telling me.

Reboot time.

Restore time.

Rest time.  

I looked at my calendar….and said no.  I had made commitments to people and figured I’d try to take it a little easier and still meet those commitments and SOMEDAY...LATER...really take some time for myself away.  Like a mini-retreat or spa. Later.  

The NEXT DAY--I came down with a nasty cold.  Mind you, it had been literally 2 years since I’d had a cold at all. And this one took me out.  Day after day I had to cancel appointments, clear my calendar. I sat and sniffled and blew my nose and read by the fire.  And rested. And read and journaled and rested some more. It was time I needed. Because I said no when I clearly needed it, my sweet body stepped in and created a way--a way that I’ve used in my past--to allow myself permission to get the rest I needed.  

Ah, the beauty and power of our bodies. 

Still, feeling crappy is no fun. I really wish I’d listened BEFORE I got sick and took time off. I think I would have enjoyed it more!  

I had a massage one time with this AMAZING woman, Toni Fava.  She was 70 I think, and strong as an ox with a twinkle of vibrant energy in her eyes.  We talked as she worked and she shared how she teaches others about self-care. How she lives it. I’ve met very few people who embodied LIFE that way, especially at her age.  

 It came back to me--she had said, “When I feel drained and like I have nothing to give, I call my clients up and cancel.  I tell them ‘You don’t want what I have to give right now!’ and then I go away to the ocean and just walk and rest and get a massage from someone I don’t know.  Then when my tank is full again, I call my clients and take care of them.”  

Note to self:  If I want to be vibrant and strong like Toni when I’m 70, I might want to follow her example.

Anyway, I ask you to consider--what is your body telling you right now? 

Are you listening?

Still, we get sick and our kids get sick sometimes.  Maybe even if we ARE taking care. I am so grateful that we have incredibly powerful and useful tools in our toolbox to help get well when that happens.  OR to support our bodies better so they don’t get sick.  

Listen to Christine’s brief story of how these oils changed her daughter’s life. 

 Christine's Immune support story--powerful!

A few other tools I use that aren’t in our DoTERRA arsenal and are natural.  

  • Elderberry syrup

  • Echinacea tincture

  • The neti pot--with natural salt that does NOT have a de-clumping agent

  • Hot water with lemon and honey

  • Sauna

  • Warm baths

  • REST

May you and your family stay well this year!  May these resources and stories give you food for thought and tools for your toolbox!  

I’d love to hear what you notice your body telling you

--and what you are doing to listen to it!  

Comment below your success stories in getting well. Which oils helped?  How did you use them? Or ask questions there too.  

Big Love to YOU!  

Dawn BehmComment