Healthy Habits—Lessons from our Family...Why GREEN Spring Cleaning!

Healthy Habits—
Lessons from our Family...Why GREEN Spring Cleaning!  


Our children and our fur babies can be our greatest teachers.  When my daughter was a baby, she had constant diaper rash. As I researched to help her, I discovered that her body was very sensitive to the food I ate.  As I removed offending foods and switched to organic, her body responded with relief and no more diaper rash.

I learned how powerful external things like food and the environment can impact our health through her.  

Others have experienced that lesson from their children around household chemicals and toxins that we may have grown up taking for granted.  Dr. John Douillard who wrote Perfect Health for Kids shares how his son as a baby was chronically sick and even hospitalized with respiratory issues. As they dug deeper they discovered that the cleaning supplies used in their home and other household chemicals were the cause of his healthy challenges.  

I LOVE that we can learn these things because they are so empowering--our food and environment at home to a large extent can be controlled by our choices.
 This month we will focus on Spring Cleaning--the Green way--using non-toxic, natural supplies that can benefit our wellness instead of detract from it. As we explore this topic, there were be ample opportunity to TAKE ACTION and create DIY cleaners to replace those that may currently be on our shelves.  

Our oils are a powerful resource to ensure our homes are clean AND healthy. I can’t wait to share more!

I wonder what changes we will notice in our bodies, in our families, and in our critters as we make our homes and lives more friendly and less toxic?  <3

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