Gratitude Series Post #1

Gratitudes: Where to begin?

I used to be sick MOST of the time. I really didn’t remember a time when I felt well and whole.

Now, it’s the opposite.

I realized today that I had some odd little feelings...a touch of tightness in my chest, an ache in my knees, a drip in my throat. It made me curious, what’s happening? Then I realized...those are the subtle signs my body is under attack. So subtle that in years past, I would have labeled it as feeling great. I am so grateful for the transformation. For waking up day after day after day feeling WELL after years of not knowing what that felt like.

PP #1.jpg

And I am grateful for my resources and tools, hard earned knowledge and gifts of the earth.

Pure water, echinachea when needed, my On Guard essential oil blend (such a warrior to support my immune systems work!) and rest.

Learning to rest and give my body what is needs so those subtle little signs of impending sickness simply disappear without a trace.

I am so grateful for my health, something this girl will never take for granted.

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