Tonight I'm grateful for so much.

For a whole car ride with my kiddos giggling and cracking each other (and me) up playing geography. It's been years since we've had such relaxed fun together and I appreciate every moment.

I'm grateful that the snow is finally melting...we are down to only about 6 inches left on the ground in most places!

To have FINALLY put the ikea storage unit together...that has been sitting in my room since Christmas.

And to watch several inspiring episodes of a gardening, some people have vision and make it happen!  

I'm also grateful for this book and my essential life.

PP #3.jpg

No matter how much time I spend in the essential oil world, there is SOOOO much to learn about these versatile and precious oils.

I love that there is always stuff to learn.

And I love that because I started to reach out and share that with others, I've made so many wonderful new friends in far flung parts of my neighborhood--and the world.  

Whether you are a long-time friend who's not an oiler or a new friend through doTERRA, I am grateful for YOU in my life.

It's the people sharing hearts, tears, dreams, hopes, fears, struggles and triumphs that make the world the beautiful, raw place that it is, and I am so grateful for each one that contributes to my life being richer and my heart being full to overflowing.

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