Slowing Down

Slow down. 

Do you ever feel like a juggler trying to keep all the balls in the air? Or like you’re running a million miles an hour and STILL not catching up?  Me too!  This has been a theme in my life…the energizer bunny theme!  

I think it started in 7th grade when I decided to save up the money to go visit my cousins in Japan….I worked odd jobs and said YES to everything—even double booked myself accidentally at times.  I reached my goal and got to Japan. 

Sometimes in life we choose BIG GOALS.  BIG BEAUTIFUL AWESOME GOALS.  To be a mom and create a beautiful home and raise awesome kids while making great memories.  To homeschool and raise your family on your own terms.  To run a businessor create a non-profit and change the world somehow.  To get our graduate degree or a new certification.  To get to our ideal weight and be FIT.  To have enough money to vacation regularly in our favorite oasis.  If you’re like me, you have great goals.  And are willing to do what it takes to reach them!

 Interesting thing that I’m finding is there are many ways to reach a goal.  My MO has always been to do MORE.  To work HARDER.  It works too!  But there is a price that comes with doing more and working harder.  It can take a toll on your health, your energy, your relationships, sleep and your adrenals for starters!  

When you pay the toll, you get to ask yourself some questions.  Are these the right goals for me? Is it worth the price?  If yes, is there a better or different way that I can reach my dreams WITHOUT burning out?  Can I work SMARTER instead of HARDER?

I’m a big dreamer and do-er.  And I’m not giving that up.  It’s what gets me up in the morning, gets me excited and makes me feel alive!  Because I have big dreams and goals and a whole lotta living left to do, I realize I need to find new ways to do it. Because I want to be full of the energy and vitality that got me started in the first place so I can enjoy life now and when I reach my goals along the way.  You too?

Dawn BehmComment