Welcome to June Healthy Habits— June Foundational Nutrition Assets!

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As women and as mothers we can find ourselves drained, depleted and struggling. Perhaps we’ve been so focused on others that caring for ourselves has taken a backseat for too long.

This month, we will focus on providing our bodies with a good foundation of nutrition, hydration and support through supplements.

When we have the building blocks we need, it becomes so much easier to bounce back and rediscover our inner Wonder Woman.

My story:

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Oh the Wonders of Being A Woman!  As a young teen, my period for the first time….I was excited!  I was growing up. THIS would one day enable me to bring new life into the world. 


Fast forward 15 years.  Serious cramping pain each month and two years of infertility. Really?  I was told my options were surgery and possible IVF, or they COULD shut my female system (via drugs) down to give me relief. Neither sounded ideal.   

Everyone has their own story as a woman, but we share similar challenges along the way.

Hormone imbalance is really at the root of so much of what we face as gals.  

Do you feel wired and tired?
Can’t sleep but so fatigued?
Is your mood a roller coaster?
Do you struggle with weight or brain fog or low libido or all of the above?
Are you dealing with fibroids, hair loss or brittle nails?

Sound familiar?  

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These are a few signs of hormone imbalance in our bodies. 

Back to my story, thankfully the internet had FINALLY been invented (yes, I’m that old.)  I started researching.

To my delight I found there are MANY natural things we can do to regain balance and thrive.  

Two kids and many painless periods later,  I’ve got a natural toolbox full of effective resources and strategies, in addition to anything the doctor might offer. 

How empowering!

It's still important to collaborate with the doctors.  But we are our own Wellness Advocates.  There is SO much we CAN do—naturally.

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Hooray for HOPE and KNOWLEDGE of things WE CAN DO to help bring the balance back.

Isn’t that exciting?

So what does balance look like? 

How about painless periods? 
More energy? 
Clearer skin and clearer thinking?
More stable moods?  
How about deeper rest and more relaxation
A return of feeling desirable (and interested?) 

Ready for Change?—It’s as easy at 1,2,3 to begin today. 

1. Tune in to my Women’s Wellness Webinar to regain your mojo and thrive.  
2. Then reach out to me for a recipe book of essential oil supports for specifically female challenges at heartnatureoils@gmail.com .
3. Schedule your BONUS free consult to begin with simple, natural, empowering shifts that can make a big difference to YOUR wellness!

Cheering You On, Reclaiming Your Inner Wonder Woman!

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