A Mere Touch

Whether with your children or your parents, these oils can support growth, healing and restoration. According to Daniel MacDonald's Book, Emotions and Essential Oils, Myrrh--is the oil of Mother Earth, helping us connect and heal the mother-child bond, increases feelings of safety and security.
Clarycalm - This blend helps strengthen the mother-child bond and eases fears or rejection, encouraging empathy and healthy relationships.
Whisper - Helps us connect with our femininity, especially for those who have rejected their feminine side.It assists in healing generational female relationships.  
Geranium and Ylang Ylang - Both are supportive for facing any sadness or loss in your heart.
Peppermint - This can give you a break emotionally (especially if you are a mom of young kids!) and it can reinvigorate you.

Need a little Mothering yourself?

Treat yourself to an Aromatouch Massage. Take an epsom salt bath with your favorite oils...see the Healing Nature Life Facebook page for a TON of ideas. Diffuse Bergamot or Ylang Ylang or Serenity around the house for self-acceptance, peace and calm. Apply Basil to your adrenals over your kidneys for renewal and support. Or Peppermint and Wild Orange to the back of your neck to feel invigorated.

If you're really looking to take it to the next level, you have to consider aromatouch. I love the power of touch...I know I've written about this before, but hugs release oxytocin--flooding our body with  calm, happiness and goodness. Giving an aromatouch massage, or even simply rubbing our babies feet with On Guard to keep them healthy gives us the opportunity to slow down, connect and listen. On the other end of the spectrum, watch these videos to learn how Wellness Advocates around the world are using the Aromatouch Hand Technique to bless and honor the Seniors in our lives.  Seniors in retirement homes have a special place in my heart....so this weekI brought my favorite essential oils to the local Memory Care Unit and gave Aromatouch Hand Massages to the women there. Touch is powerful...and for seniors can sometimes be sorely lacking.  It felt so good to me to honor them as women and mothers when my own mother and mother-in-law live so far away. 

Dawn Behmaromatouch