Having it All

"Have it All" and take a deep breath, look up and reflect on the awesome. Because the awesome is still there. My tiredness, my efforts, my frustrations (and my hunger!) blurs my vision sometimes, but with 100% honesty I can say...it's still there. So much magnificence. So much beauty. So much goodness. So much joy--in the journey. In the people. In nature. In literature and music and art. In my soul. In my present, my past and my future. 
Part of why I get stretched and less resilient is because my vision, my dreams, my imagination and what I am thrilled to be creating as a mother, wife, friend, entrepeneur happens at its own pace, and I can revv too high and threaten to burn out! That's why I love the habits I've learned to cultivate. Habits of gratitude posts, deep breaths, application of essential oils or diffusing, reflection, meditation, yoga and rest. Habits of heart connection with those I love and giving in ways that fill my soul. 
If you've felt stretched too thin recently, I invite you to press pause on your life for just a few minutes and choose a new way to fill back up. Each moment we get to choose. And it's those choices that paint the life we live. 
To start your weekend off on a good note, tune into Jason Mraz--his new song speaks my heart's deepest wishes for YOU. #HNlifehabits

Dawn Behm