Eyes Wide Open

Let's face it. The Greatest Showman soundtrack is just plain addictive.  The words of the songs replay through my mind like subway trains rumbling underground. Thank you, Hugh Jackman.
"You stumble through your days
Got your head hung low
Your sky's a shade of grey
Like a zombie in a maze
You're asleep inside
But you just can't shake awake
'Cause you're just a dead man walking
Thinking that's your only option
But you can flip the switch and brighten up your darkest day
Sun is up and the color's blinding
Take the world and redefine it
Leave behind your narrow mind
You'll never, never be the same

Come alive, come alive
Go and ride your light
Let it burn so bright
Reaching up
To the sky
And it's open wide
You're electrified

When the world becomes a fantasy
And you're more than you could ever be
'Cause you're dreaming with your eyes wide open
And you know you can't go back again
To the world that you were living in
'Cause you're dreaming with your eyes wide open...
So Come alive!"

I'm a dreamer.  My parents would say I had my head in the clouds.  Fascinated with the possibilities the future holds, my brain just lights up with all that could be created and experienced in my one wild, wonderful life, I FEEL that song--all of it. 
Because there are times when life throws us a curve ball and we feel like that zombie in a maze.  I've been there more times than I can count.  From that spot, it can feel impossible to dream.  If we're honest, we're really just trying to survive.  
Beaten down by life, we can become numb. We can fall prey to the lie that there is no hope. That things will never change.  Believing that lie, we cease to try.  We no longer ask the questions that will bring new answers and options.  We give up our dreams and settle for making it through another day.
Do you know someone like that right now?  Have you felt this way before? Maybe that zombie is you right now. 
I love what Laura Jacobs says when she sits with someone for a consult.  A brilliant health coach and educator, she says, "Are you open to the possibility.....?"
Where there is hope there is room to dream. How do we restore hope? We  experience something new, we open up to a new possibility.  We get curious and explore. There are a myriad of ways to do this. When you are in zombie mode though, it can seem impossible! 
In my next two posts I'll share two tools that I've found that somehow magically help reawaken hope and empower us to dream again.  I invite you...come alive.  And learn to dream again with your eyes wide open. 

Dawn Behm