Aromatouch Soothed

“To touch can be to give life,” said Michelangelo.    
Midnight, my niece and her boyfriend arrive at the hospital.  Her father had just passed away.  The three of us stood there awkwardly waiting until the rest of the family arrived. No words were adequate.  I offered a hug and we waited.  
The next day I drove to my sister's and asked how M was doing.  17 years old, weeks before her birthday and high school graduation and her dad was gone.  "She's in bed, she hurts all over and is sick to her stomach."  Of course, grief is overwhelming.  What did I have to offer?  A plant, a card, a few words...and an Aromatouch.
Gently, I sat on the side of her bed.  I stroked her hair and asked if I could give her one.  She wasn't sure what it was, but said okay.  We turned her music on and I brought my oils out.  For 40 minutes I applied the oils, did the strokes, silently poured my love and prayers over this sweet girl.  Her breathing slowed, eventually she fell asleep.  I closed her door and walked downstairs.  
Healthy, loving touch can be profound. Defined by Urban Dictionary as "any touch that nurtures the soundness of the body and mind or has positive effects on the mind and body," it impacts health, mood and relationships. According to Rick Chillot in The Power of Touch in Psychology Today, it does a body good. Reducing stress hormones and stimulating the release of oxytocin, increasing trust, cooperation and connection, what's not to love?  BONUS--the giver wins as much as the receiver.  
Add pure, potent essential oils through an Aromatouch Technique that deliver messages to every cell, aromatic compounds that speak the language of the amygdala and you have healthy touch on steroids.  It's magical and profound.
  An Aroma-what???  The Aromatouch Technique a way to apply a special group of essential oils in a specific way to a person's back and feet.  The oils and movements work together to help the person and their body shift gears from stress and dis-ease to rest and restore, helping the body and mind care for itself.   
Trust, connection, reduced stress, feel-good hormones, and more.  What I realized as I gave my niece that Aromatouch was that there are times when words aren't enough.  Things we want to share where words get in the way.  And times where you want to give without requiring ANYTHING of the other person.  
That type of gift is a HUGE deposit in the relationship bank.  It's unconditional.  It takes trust to lay down on the table or bed and choose to receive. It takes true caring to offer to give. It's a privilege and a bonding connection.  
What better place to give an Aromatouch than at home?
The following day after my brother-in-law passed, I gave my sister one.  She hadn't slept in several nights and halfway through the technique, she was gently snoring.
The day of the funeral, I noticed that my nephew's very pregnant girlfriend was wincing.  It had been a long week.  I asked her to stop by for an Aromatouch afterwards.  Sitting her in a kitchen chair with a pillow and blanket, I marveled as the stored up tension released and flowed away from us both.  Afterwards, she stayed there and shared some of her heart with me.  Her hopes and fears and questions about having her first baby.  A precious connection I will treasure with a girl I had just met. 
I gave my goddaughter two.  A young woman who I'm told is touch-averse.  I asked her if there was anything I could do for her.  She said, "Can you give me one of those massages with the oils?"  I asked her if she wanted it before or after dinner.  She replied, "Could you do both?"  It was the last thing we did together before I drove back to the airport to head home.  
As I reflected on that week, I realized how much gratitude I had for Dr. Hill and those who taught me the Aromatouch.  As someone who was touch-averse myself, I was very hesitant to receive or offer it.  Each time I did though, I gained confidence and understood more of how valuable that class was for me.
The Aromatouch I share is a sacred time between me and the recipient.  Despite the stresses of the day, whatever else is going on, when they lay down and I apply the first oil, Balance, I feel peace settle over us both.  A holy calm presides as the oils, the movements and my hands offer comfort, ease and support to the one I care for.  Afterwards, I feel so rested and rejuvenated--almost as if I had been on the table.  The oils, the movements, the music, the touch--I receive as well.  
Here are just a few real life Aromatouch moments.
My tween daughter on a camping trip, exhausted and in pain after a particularly difficult hike.  My father and mother as they recover from health issues.  My mother-in-law as a thank you for watching our kids.
A friend whose back went out.  Another with an allergic reaction to food. One struggling to recover from a concussion.
A husband who recovering from a heart attack.  A son dealing with PTSD.  A high achieving girlfriend working on her Phd. A mom whose son suffered a brain injury.  A fussy child who hasn't been feeling well.  A hard-working business partner with a demanding toddler.  
Whether exhaustion, grief, pain, digestive issues, physical or brain trauma or just connecting with a loved one, the Aromatouch offers something that requires nothing of the recipient. Not even listening, eye contact or conversation. It is a pure gift. The oils and movements give the support necessary in each unique situation. 
What home couldn't use this gift of Aromatouch?  Could yours?
I'm privileged to have trained with Dr. Hill and am qualified to train and certify others in the Aromatouch.  Check out my Events section or contact me to schedule an Aromatouch Class in your area.  

Dawn Behm