Welcome Home

Home is where your heart is, I've always said. Mark and I have been gypsy nomads for the past 18 years with the longest stint being 6 years in Washington back in 2008. When we moved back to Duvall last year, I had hoped to be settled. While we felt like we would stay, we did not feel settled in at all, even though we were renting a beautiful property. Last week we moved into our new home in Duvall. Having lived here just one week, I feel more settled and at HOME than I have in the past 5 years.  As I reflect back, I recognize that my life has always been a series of peaks and valleys, challenges and successes, seasons of sowing and seasons of reaping, just like the seasons of a year.

Even on a daily or weekly level, I realize that I experience a sense of ebb and flow--of money, of time, of energy.   I’ll go full yang with travel and activities and working and being creative, and then wake up depleted wondering where I went wrong.  It dawned on me yesterday that it’s not that I went wrong, it’s that my body and spirit were letting me know they needed a stretch of yin--times of restoration and nesting and filling my cup back up.

Can you relate?  Close your eyes, take a deep breath and tune in.  What is your body, mind and spirit saying to you? Is it time to take action?  Time to rest and restore? Remember to say, “Thank you.” Thank you to your body, mind and spirit for all the ways you show up for you and others even when it’s hard.  Thank you for providing feedback so that you can care for yourself and stay healthy, energized and present to make a difference in your world.

Dawn BehmComment