Just Press Pause

The Fall is a busy season of harvest and preparation for the winter. Of back to school and holidays and sweaters and transitions. Sometimes we feel depleted, yet can’t press the pause button on Life to rest.  That can feel frustrating! If this is you, I invite you to consider some new thoughts around that.  

During those busy seasons, pause for 2 minutes--choose an oil or grab what you have available, put a drop in your hand, rub your hands together, close your eyes and deeply inhale the oil (in the bathroom if that’s the only place you can get away and be alone!)   You will FEEL the nourishment and yin restoration in that moment! Do this throughout the day. Carry the oil in your pocket if you need to. Even during the busy seasons we CAN pause, if just for a moment. And those moments make all the difference. The best oils for restoration and strength for me are tree oils and florals.  Things like Ylang Ylang, Serenity, Yarrow or Copaiba and oh so supportive Frankincense—and don’t get me started on Tumeric oil! (It’s okay, let’s start on Tumeric!) Tumeric smells like a luscious pumpkin pie to me full of rich creaminess and warmth of fall baking. I apply it over my liver, Thanks, Desiree Mangandog! And rub my hands together, inhaling deeply as I cup them around my nose and mouth. I can’t get enough of the Tumeric.

Dawn BehmComment