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For LRP members, the Product of the Month ROSEMARY! I love this oil! To cook with, to diffuse, to apply topically - so many uses! I turn to this one for respiratory support, when I'm feeling overwhelmed in life, when my skin or hair are needing a boost... so many uses! Why do you love Rosemary?

doTERRA® Thyme is 10% off this month! I'm so excited about this because this combined with Rosemary (and Frankincense) is my go to for respiratory boosting when I'm really needing support! Thyme is also one I love to cook with and one I love to diffuse for the fall/winter season. Amazing oil to have on hand this time of year! Why do you love Thyme?

Finally the special promotion for those of you who existing members and are on LRP at 15% or lower you have an opportunity to jump your Rewards to 20%! So exciting!!


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