Imperfect Progress is STILL Progress

I’ve discovered that imperfect progress is STILL progress. That imperfect, sometimes barely discernible progress leads to more of the health and emotional freedom and vitality and life I want to create and experience. I’ve seen THAT consistently make life better.

Welcome 2019 with enthusiasm and anticipation because it’s a blank slate to write on. It’s a new opportunity to begin again, and again.  Each day is that gift.  

Consistency is NOT one of my top strengths.

And it hasn’t stopped me from reaching many of my goals. 

You know why? 

Getting back up and starting over is. 


Everyday is New Years Day. 

In our Heart Nature Life Habits group you’ll find posts daily that will become a UNIT each month to help you build that new mindset, practice healthy habits in a whole different way and create momentum to catapult you into your awesome life.  FREE for all in the Heart Nature Tribe, be on the look out for future posts and newsletters with details and join me on the BEST journey...

Your journey.  The sky is the limit and I promise you--there is joy, fun and fabulous adventure ahead.