Developing a Habit

In my last post I shared the KEY to creating lasting change.  

When those shifts happen, what could developing a habit then look life?

Here’s an example of how we might approach the habit of exercise this way.

  1. Check in with where we are at.  Notice, get curious. What feels off?  What small shift might benefit us right now? Going with the habit we started with, let’s say our bodies are feeling sluggish, lethargic and less that strong.  We realize that movement and strength building would be a helpful healthy habit.

  2. We ask more questions of ourselves.  What sounds delicious in terms of movement?   What have you been interested in doing and have been putting off?  Is it biking? Yoga? Dancing? Rowing? Hiking? Running?

  3. Once you’ve decided something you want to add to your life to increase movement and strength, the next step is creating space and time for baby steps toward more movement.  

  4. As you get going, celebrate the small stuff.  The baby steps. Take a pulse each week on how you’ve succeeded.  Then you will get excited to continue and add a bit more.

  5. I bet you are wondering what you do if you had a “failure” week and didn’t do your movement!  You get curious and ask, “what can I learn from this?” “Why didn’t it work out?” Then you can Tweak it and THAT becomes your success.  

We’re going to live out these steps in our Heart Nature Life Habits group over and over each month until they become a part of us.  

Then, whenever we realize we want to create something different that what we are currently experiencing, we will know inside JUST how to move forward.  

Are you ready?

In 2019 I am offering 12 months Heart Nature Healthy Habit creating together in our community.  Together, we will be empowered to make any necessary mindset/belief shifts and create Healthy Habits leading to more of the life we desire to live.  It’s FREE for all in the Heart Nature Tribe.