Joy in the Journey

Forrest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates.”  I say it’s more like a Journey.  Journeys can be tough, painful, disappointing, and exhausting, even scary at times. But then, (imagine you are traversing up a mountain), you get these vistas that just take your breath away. So much beauty! Such a bigger, more beautiful view that you ever could have imagined, and you know the Journey is worth it! Ahead there will be more scary, hard times; more pain, and twists and turns that you just can’t see around; but pressing on and through, TOGETHER, we know there will be more of the beautiful moments that make it all worthwhile.

Back in my college days (decades ago!), there was a song that I loved entitled, “Joy in the Journey” by Michael Card. Oh, how I LOVED that song! This was and still is my deepest desire: To live life to the fullest, filled with joy, adventures, love, and making a difference. Since that time, I’ve lived in countless states (okay, 8+), experienced the roller coaster of health crises and abundant wellness, and the challenges and joys of married life, finances, and parenting. I’ve explored multitudes of ways to make a difference, and discovered that the word JOURNEY doesn’t mean a picnic in the park.

THAT’S what I’m about. That’s what I’m showing up to offer and invite you to partake in. Join me in the JOURNEY, in your own way, on your own path. Know that you have sisters who will link arms with you and share the scary and the pain and celebrate the beautiful. Because I’ve found that journeys traveled alone are WAY harder than when we walk them together.

I have found that partnering with dōTERRA International and their vision, their mission, their wellness tools and products, and the community we’ve created together, has been an AMAZING vehicle to travel in along my Journey these days. And I’ve gotten to share it with many other women who now walk with me. You’ll sometimes hear from them too.

And if you choose, you can join us; in your own way, along your own path. Together let’s walk and bring Ease, Comfort, Compassion, Community, Connection, and Resources to get us through the tough times. We’ll celebrate and create together even greater levels of Joy, Ease, Purpose and Passion as well. Ready?

From a Fellow Traveler,


Dawn Behm